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Published: 31st March 2011
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A virtual phone number is a contact number that you can get when you purchase the services of a virtual telephone system. A virtual phone number is far more superior compared to traditional phone numbers. One of the most well known advantages of virtual telephone numbers over traditional numbers is that they can be taken with you. Virtual phone numbers are portable because they are not attached to any phone wires. In fact, it does not require the help of telephone lines in order to perform its duties because the Internet is the one that facilitates all of its communication operations.

A business contact number that is portable will provide you with more versatility in business communication. You will never be tied to any spot. The portability feature of a virtual phone number enables you to expand your range and scope of communication from your office to anywhere you would go. You can freely exchange communication information with customers from any location. You will never miss an important call. Moreover, you will not incur long distance communication charges because all communication rates will be evenly billed.

Telecommuting is very much feasible with virtual telephone numbers because they can also be used with any device that has Internet connectivity. Smart phones and laptops are example of such gadgets. After securing of a device that can access to the Internet, the next thing that you need to acquire is a reliable Internet connection. These are the two requirements that you must fulfill in order to avail of the services of a virtual telephone number. You will never be left out in today’s fast paced world of business communication when you use a virtual phone system.

Virtual phone numbers also allow your company to pick a contact number that has the same area code to that of your customers. Having the same area code number as your customers will encourage them to contact your business. When presented with two businesses that offer the same goods and services, interested clients are more likely to contact a company that has the same area code number as theirs. Obtaining the same area code with your customers is still possible even if their location is halfway round the world. This transforms your business communication from being limited to your own locality to one that is able to attend to international customer.

The ability of the virtual phone to let you choose the area code of your contact number will also empower your organization to create company extensions that have different area code numbers. If your enterprise is based in the US, virtual telephone numbers will let you have company extensions in UK, Canada or any other place for that matter. The area code numbers that you can employ will rely upon the capabilities of your virtual telephone number service provider. This will enable your business to have the same presence in communication that multinational corporations have. Creating a global appeal will be attainable with virtual telephone numbers. Competing with bigger businesses will be a lot easier when you use virtual telephone numbers.

The multiple company extensions that can be created by a virtual phone service are very cheap to obtain and maintain. You do not need to construct new buildings since these extensions only exist virtually. Its virtual characteristic also makes it convenient for you to add or delete any of the company extensions you have. You need not spend a lot of cash because you would only need to contact your virtual telephone number service provider to get a new company extension or remove any of your extensions. The fast processing of the addition or cancellation of a company extension gives you better control of your business communication.

Virtual telephone numbers also allow you to maintain the confidentiality of your original contact number. Callers will dial your virtual phone number and their calls will be forwarded to your original number. These numbers protects your privacy in communication by ensuring that your original contact number will just be a station where calls are transferred and redirected to.

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